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This site is designed to give the Seneschals and general populace of Atlantia an idea as to why the Office of Media Relations has been created, what purpose it serves, and what services it can render.

The Office of Media Relations is responsible for assisting local and regional groups in presenting factual information and a positive image to any organized news media group as defined in the Society Seneschal's "Media Relations and External Publicity" Policy (Appendix 1, Section 1). The information presented should be written, designed, and produced in a manner consistent with efforts commonly received by the media from other large, not-for-profit organizations.

Use the links at the top of this page to find the answers to any questions you may have concerning the Office of Media Relations and its function within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Media Relations Deputy (05/16)
THL Geoffrey ap Clywd (Jeff Williams)
Phone: 202-437-8960 (9 PM)
Email: media AT

What the Office
of Media Relation Does
Provide "ready to use" press releases for groups to download and use immediately.
Assist groups in the creation of personalized press released for events / demos.
Help groups develop plans for structured media interaction whether print, radio, or video.
Encourage and assist groups to develop media strategies that build on previous media exposures.
What the Office
of Media Relation Does Not Do
Produce or develop materials for newcomers. See the Chatelain's Office
Plan or organize demos (unless media are to be in attendance - and then only in a support capacity). See the Chatelain's Office
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